Creative Tables Do you dream of mass products, you want a stylish home? Want a high quality custom-made table? We help you to plan, design and furnish your living space, be it an apartment, a house or an office! We offer you a new experience of design interior design and interior design. We at Desidea offer top quality acrylics, wood, stone, flowers, leaves and natural materials with a 21st century look. We only distribute non-bulk products of the highest quality and aesthetic perfection. If you need this, you are in the right place, join us in the world of Design, in your new world! Every family house is the heart of the dining room, where family members often gather together. This place has a very important role in family life and therefore its mood is very important. The most important element of the dining room is the dining table, the size, shape and color of which have a great impact on the everyday atmosphere of the dining room and the people using it. Robust antique furniture is fashionable today, but modern dining tables offer a special atmosphere for this place. For example, the "live edge" wooden dining tables, which carry the chic, wild line of nature, nevertheless provide a modern, somewhat futuristic look for this unique piece of furniture.